What is a professional chef called?

The executive chef, also known by the term Chef de Cuisine, is the professional pinnacle to which many chefs aspire. Chefs are kitchen managers, so payroll, food costs, staff management, menu creation and, basically, everything that happens in the kitchen fall within their scope of responsibility. The difference between a chef and a cook is that a chef assumes a more managerial role with his responsibilities. Specifically, this chef runs the fryer, while other chefs will take care of the things that need to be fried in the pan.

Becoming a chef requires years of education and experience, moving from entry-level positions to the ultimate goal of executive chef. Chef de Cuisine is the traditional French term and, although it is slightly more common in European kitchens, head chef is the most commonly used title in the world. In managerial chef positions, there is an established hierarchy because these chefs have the greatest responsibility in the kitchen to ensure the overall success of the restaurant. They rank second after the subchef and third or fourth in the rank, depending on whether there is a boss and an executive chef.

Depending on the restaurant and on the person himself, like the CEOs of the business world, the head chef usually leaves much of the daily operation of the kitchen to people who are lower in the hierarchy, such as the sous chef. However, since the executive chef oversees the entire kitchen, the subchef will direct the cooking line and perform other comprehensive kitchen tasks in his absence. These chefs work for seasonal chefs as trainees or trainees to expand their skills in the kitchen. If the size of the kitchen justifies it, a head chef may hire more than one sous chef to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The head chef, also known as executive chef or head chef, is the best man in the kitchen totem. Anyone who wants to become a sous chef or round assistant will one day probably work as a kitchen assistant to better understand all areas of the kitchen and cooking line. The head chef, or head chef, is placed between the sous and the executive chefs in the kitchen hierarchy.