Who is the top 10 chefs in the world?

When you think of world-renowned chefs, what's the first name that comes to mind? Is that Gordon Ramsay? Jamie Oliver? Wolfgang Puck? Martha Stewart? With so many famous chefs constantly appearing on our news channels and televisions, it can be difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing and even harder to decide who is the cream of the crop, in other words. So, we stopped trying to find out on our own and went to Google for answers. We wanted to know who are the 20 most popular chefs in the world, based on the number of search engine queries. Turns out Michelin stars, awards, and unlimited meme potential aren't as important as you might think.

The fourth most popular chef in the world needs no introduction. British chef Jamie Oliver is one of the industry's most beloved figures, known for his casual and relaxed approach to modern cuisine. He has appeared in more than 30 series, including the award-winning The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and Jamie's Kitchen. American chef Bobby Flay is another popular figure who has been circulating on our televisions for many years.

He has appeared in no less than 16 Food Network series and owns several restaurants in Las Vegas, New York and Atlantic City. Italian-American chef Giada De Laurentiis is the most popular chef in the world, according to the number of Google searches. Born in England in 1947, Rick Stein is one of Britain's most famous chefs. He runs 12 restaurants across the UK and two restaurants in Australia, where he lived in his youth.

Stein's career as a chef began after graduating from Oxford University and running a small nightclub with a friend. In addition to his restaurant businesses, Stein has also appeared on several BBC cooking shows, such as Seafood Odyssey, Taste of the Sea and Rick Stein's Great Railway Journeys, and has published many acclaimed cookbooks. Check out their famous Greek chicken pie recipe. The shows earned him two daytime Emmys and two nominations, and are two of the most watched shows on television.

Rachael Ray has been named one of Time's most influential people and has won a People's Choice Award for favorite television cook. Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck is one of the most renowned chefs in the world, and for good reason. Before moving to Los Angeles when he was 20, Puck trained with acclaimed chefs in Paris and Monaco and spent two years in Indianapolis. Although pastry chef Amaury Guichon is only 31 years old, he has already made a name for himself in the industry and is currently one of the most Googled chefs on the Internet.

Born in Cannes and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Guichon began his culinary training when he was just 13 years old and, soon after, worked in bakeries in Geneva and Paris. In early 2002, she was announced as a judge in The Platinum Pudding Competition, a national pastry competition that aims to find a new pudding dedicated to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Australian-British chef and restaurateur John Torode moved from Melbourne to London in the early 1990s. He began his career in the United Kingdom working as a sub-chef for the Conran Group under the direction of the legendary Sir Terence Conran.

Here's our collection of the top 10 celebrity chefs in the world, which we haven't listed in any order. He is also the youngest chef to receive 3 Michelin stars. Extraordinary and inspiring is all we have to say about Marco Pierre White. Anthony Bourdain further achieved celebrity chef status through his popular television shows such as “The Layover”, “A Cook's Tour”, etc.

He has also appeared as a judge on several television programs. Image courtesy of Anthony Bourdain's 91-year-old website, he has every reason to slow down, but many of his students and supporters are committed to advancing his legacy in the coming decades. This is another popular French chef who is the first celebrity chef to open several successful restaurants with 3 Michelin stars. When it comes to famous TV chefs, Jamie Oliver's face is instantly recognisable.

He is also a judge on successful cooking shows such as “MasterChef series 3” and his show “Khana Khazana” is the longest-running program of its kind in Asia. After arriving in the United States, chef Khanna trained at the United States Culinary Institute and got a job as a chef at the Indian restaurant Junoon, which earned a Michelin star for six years. Known for his famous restaurant in Napa Valley, Chef Keller gave Adam Sandler cooking tips for the Hollywood movie Spanglish. Known for his volatile behavior in the kitchen and his exceptional British cuisine, Gordon Ramsay is undoubtedly the most famous chef in the world.

He is also one of only two chefs to have earned 21 Michelin stars throughout his career and the first chef to own three-Michelin star restaurants in three cities. Seiji Yamamoto, one of the most iconic Japanese chefs of the century, sent an eel for a CT scan to better understand its anatomy. Possibly one of the most famous chefs in the world, this famous chef and owner has 6 Michelin stars. He is believed to have been the first celebrity chef and is known to have trained other successful chefs such as Gordon Ramsay.

The Michelin guide says that this iconoclastic chef is “at the forefront of the fusion cuisine movement”, famous for overturning the conventions of classic French cuisine. A former Iron Chef, Burrell also played Mario Batali's sous chef on Iron Chef America and has made several other appearances on several popular cooking shows. Celebrity chefs are influential and popular not only because of their unique and innovative cooking techniques, but also because of their ability to create successful brands. .